Music Recording – Your Best Guide to Start

New To Mixing Recorded Tracks?

If you are new to music production or streaming to music making, you will need a refresher in aspects of music recording. Start your search on this website.

The basics of a song or composition are its constituent parts including the instruments and the vocals. Such are the tracks and the core of music production process is how you get every sound together for every track, arrange them, combine them together, and make these sound professional. The device that enables this is the computer and other mobile devices.

DAWs or Sequencers for mixing/recording

More specifically, it is the software, which computer runs that turns this in to a music production house. This software also enables the mixing, mastering, and recording of music tracks known as sequencer or the DAW or Digital Audio Workstation. The sequencers differ in price from free to hundreds of dollars. Combined with the powerful computers, it enables you unlimited tracks of the music to be arranged together.


If you are wondering where sounds come from and how you get them together in your computer, most of you would think of these as external and internal within the context of desktop environment. You may also record external sounds including vocals, guitars, acoustic instruments like violins and pianos or electronic keyboards, and arrange these together in the sequencer. These digital audio tracks contain audio information, the external instrument’s recorded waveform.

Now to internal sounds, the sounds generated within your DAWs. Majority of sequencers have what are known as virtual instruments, which recreate drum kits, guitars or keyboards for you to play or strum with your connected keyboard or mouse. These are renowned as MIDI tracks. You do not have to worry about too much on the semantics, yet the data within the MIDI track is about the note information. Such notes may be moved as well as edited once recorded simply through the use of the editor of the sequencer, clicking on these and dragging them around on the screen.

The second kind of internal sound is known as a sample. These are audio so the real sound of digital recordings, yet they’re specially-created riffs, drum patterns, melodies or vocal parts that are produced by 3rd party manufacturers. You may purchase collections of these and just drop them on various tracks in building up a tune.

There are 3 various ways of getting every sound together to make the song. You may now make songs with the use external sounds, samples, and virtual instruments, a combination of three. In theory, it is all you need to know on how to go and produce music, yet there is more if you like it.

When it comes to stereo placement, panning controls in your sequencers track channels enable you to place every track anywhere between far right and far left.It’s equipment that matters.  The rule is once the track becomes bassier, it’s more central so that the bass-lines of the tracks tend to sit in the stereo spectrum’s middle as the track’s backbone. The vocal may sit close to this as its higher frequency enables the vocal to be apart from the bass and it’s a rule you may follow. The instruments may sit with one another in the same position of the stereo as long as their frequencies do not clash too much.

Additional tip. How to make a mix sound fuller

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